The medical benefits of the ADVOS multi: Intensive Care Unit patient survival rates improve from 10% up to 50%

Munich – ADVITOS, which received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 880349, a Munich based company, is currently being used in Intensive Care Units next to ventilators to save lives of people suffering from Covid-19.

ADVITOS’s patented medical devices, unique in the world, can support simultaneously three organs, (i.e. liver, lung & kidneys) and at the same time, adjust for blood pH balance. The ADVOS multi devices are currently being used to support patients suffering from Covid-19 in the hospital rechts der Isar in Munich, Germany, and are so far showing good results.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Kreymann, nephrologist and inventor of this technology is telling us why: “As you know, most people dying from Covid-19 have a certain age, and actually do suffer from Multiple Organ Failure (MOF) eventually. In simple terms, the kidneys, the heart, the liver and the lung of these patients are not functioning correctly which adds a serious pathology to the lung failure caused by the coronavirus. To help these patients it makes sense to involve a device capable of handling all these organs simultaneously for better results”.

The so called ADVOS multi device is already being used in 20 hospitals in Germany over the last 2 years and has helped to save the lives of many patients. Generic studies (not involving Covid-19 patients) have demonstrated that this technology is drastically improving the survival rate of patients from a very low 10% for people severely sick, to up to 50%. The fact that the organs of the patients are treated through a single procedure have visible medical benefits and simplifies the tasks and complexity of the treatments for the physicians and nurses. Yet, in order to further facilitate the usage of this device, the company is currently adding the most advanced digital technologies, using artificial intelligence, into the control systems of the machine.

500,000 people are dying each year from MOF in Europe and North America. With the outbreak of the Covid-19, these statistics are likely to become even much worse. “Thousands of patients suffering from Covid-19 would need such a treatment with an ADVOS multi device, precisely because a liver failure on top of a lung dysfunction is directly related to the mortality rate, and this hold true for Covid-19.” adds Assoc. Prof. Dr. med. Kreymann.

The ADVOS therapy has been in the spotlight on television recently (SAT1.Bayern 11.04.2020 17:00) and the outcome of the current clinical studies involving patients with Covid-19 is promising, but this will still take a few weeks to get the final results. In addition, the publication of the results in medical journals will take longer. Nevertheless, the development of another innovative procedure is on its way, involving further digital technologies, to be ready on time for the future outbreaks of such bad viruses.

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