ADVITOS – A Dynamic and International Team

Medical Technology from Munich

ADVITOS GmbH is an innovative medical technology company based in Munich that has developed a revolutionary multiple organ support therapy from the initial idea right through to market readiness.

The dynamic and international team jointly develops innovations, playing its part in creating new medical solutions, and it currently consists of 75 full-time employees. The company covers all the fields of a certified medical technology company – from research, development and production, through regulatory and clinical affairs, to application advice, service, marketing and sales.

The Management Team

Das Foto zeigt Dr. Claus Jessen, den Geschäftsführer der Firma ADVITOS.

Dr Claus Jessen


Dr Claus Jessen studied mechanical engineering in Darmstadt and Aachen, where he then completed a doctorate. He started out at the healthcare company Fresenius as a project engineer in development of disposable products and the associated automation technology. He joined the newly founded Fresenius Medical Care as a development manager, later becoming plant manager at the production plant for dialysis equipment in Schweinfurt, Germany.

Next, Dr Jessen took over plant management at Festo, with responsibility for the production of pneumatic drives in Saarland. His professional advancement at Festo saw him take on responsibility for worldwide production, before joining the board as the supply chain director and then becoming chairman of the board.

Dr Jessen has supported ADVITOS since its founding, taking on responsibility for research and development in early 2021. In June 2022, he was appointed managing director of ADVITOS GmbH.

Management Team

Das Foto zeigt PD Dr. Dr. Tobias Bingold, den Chief Medical Officer der Firma ADVITOS.

PD Dr. med Dr. med. habil. Tobias Bingold

Chief Medical Officer

Das Foto zeigt Frank Nöthel, den CFO der Firma ADVITOS.

Frank Nöthel


Das Foto zeigt Jakob Miedaner, den Leiter Supply Chain der Firma ADVITOS.

Jakob Miedaner

Head of Supply Chain

Das Foto zeigt Christoph Hüßtege, den Leiter Forschung und Entwicklung der Firma ADVITOS.

Christoph Hüßtege

Head of Research & Development


The photo shows Florian Huber, Head of Implementation and Organisation at ADVITOS.

Florian Huber

Head of Implementation & Organisation

Clinical Affairs

Das Foto zeigt Annekatrin Richert, die medizinische Direktorin der Firma ADVITOS.

Annekatrin Richert

Medical Director


Das Foto zeigt Sven Eckert, einen Vertriebsmitarbeiter der Firma ADVITOS.

Sven Eckert


The photo shows Bernhard Karowt, a sales representative of the company ADVITOS.

Bernhard Karow


Das Foto zeigt Volker Fischer, einen Vertriebsmitarbeiter der Firma ADVITOS.

Volker Fischer


Application Consultants

Das Foto zeigt Martin Berger, einen Anwendungsberater der Firma ADVITOS.

Martin Berger

Application Consultant

Das Foto zeigt Philipp Steinbach, einen Anwendungsberater der Firma ADVITOS.

Philipp Steinbach

Application Consultant


Das Foto zeigt Claudia Watzke, eine Anwendungsberaterin der Firma ADVITOS.

Claudia Watzke

Application Consultant

The photo shows Paul Henriksen, an application consultant of the company ADVITOS.

Paul Henriksen

Application Consultant


Member of the Advisory Board

Mathias Klingler

Member of the Advisory Board (Chairman)

  • Managing Director of MedConsult GmbH;
  • Chairman of the board of Teraklin
  • Former member of the board of Schwarz Pharma
  • Former member of the board of Fresenius Medical Care AG (FMC)
  • Former member of the board of Siemens-Elema

Nicholas Strout

 Member of the Advisory Board

  • Senior VP Regulatory, Legal and Quality MAXIS LLC; formerly member of the Novalung GmbH management board

Harald Pinger

Member of the Advisory Board

  • Former CFO of Kion Group GmbH
  • CEO of Jelmoli AG
  • CFO of Arcandor AG
  • CFO of Messer Group and CFO of Fresenius Kabi AG
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