ADVOS Customer Support

ADVITOS Customer Service – We’re There For You 24/7

Our ADVITOS customer support service provides you professional advice, quick response times and rapid on-site service, around the clock.

As a certified provider, ADVITOS GmbH fully covers the entire process of development, production and quality assurance of medical equipment, as well as the necessary treatment concentrates.

Our 24-Hour ADVOS Customer Support Hotlines for Application-Related Assistance

You can call free of charge.

Germany: 0800 43 72 92 74

Austria: 0800 44 77 07

Services Provided by the Customer Support

24-hour ADVOS Customer Support Service

You can contact our experts at any time of the day or night on the service hotline to answer your technical and application-specific questions.

On-site Repairs

Rapid response and repair times are crucial in order to minimise equipment downtime. Our ADVOS service technicians repair your devices directly on site, providing rapid response times, local support experience and testing in line with factory specifications.

Field Service and Application Advice

Highly trained application consultants and field service staff help customers install and set up all ADVOS devices and offer advice to clinical specialists on site.

Application Consultants

Das Foto zeigt Martin Berger, einen Anwendungsberater der Firma ADVITOS.

Martin Berger

The photo shows Philipp Steinbach, an application consultant of the company ADVITOS.

Philipp Steinbach

Das Foto zeigt Claudia Watzke, eine Anwendungsberaterin der Firma ADVITOS.

Claudia Watzke

The photo shows Paul Henriksen, an application consultant of the company ADVITOS.

Paul Henriksen


Das Foto zeigt Sven Eckert, einen Vertriebsmitarbeiter der Firma ADVITOS.

Sven Eckert

The photo shows Bernhard Karowt, a sales representative of the company ADVITOS.

Bernhard Karow

Das Foto zeigt Volker Fischer, einen Vertriebsmitarbeiter der Firma ADVITOS.

Volker Fischer

Medical Director

Das Foto zeigt Annekatrin Richert, die medizinische Direktorin der Firma ADVITOS.

Annekatrin Richert

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