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Brochures, Publications, Flyers, Company Videos – All Resources at a Glance

Our media library gives you an overview of the ADVOS procedure, allowing you to examine the procedure and possible uses in greater detail.

Our brochure and informative flyers give you insights into the unique features and benefits of the ADVOS procedure. In our videos, you can browse through past industry symposia. You can also find company videos with behind-the-scenes looks at our in-house production and laboratories. This gives you an insight into ADVITOS and our corporate culture.

In addition to our information material and videos, you will also find in our media library various publications and posters about the ADVOS procedure from national and international authors, and publications from our ADVOS Literature Service.

ADVOS Therapy at a Glance

What is the ADVOS procedure? How does the ADVOS procedure work? What clinical results are available? What are the benefits to clinical users? Our ADVOS brochure gives you an overview at a glance.

Presenting ADVITOS

This film, which was created as part of the Global Health Initiative, presents ADVITOS and our innovative ADVOS procedure.

It highlights our unflagging commitment to improving the chances of survival in patients worldwide, and it provides an insight into our company.

The ADVOS Procedure in Academic Works

Academic works and supporting documents are the cornerstone of a medical technology company.

We have created an overview list of national and international publications and posters concerning the  ADVOS procedure for you.

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