The History of ADVITOS GmbH

ADVITOS GmbH started with a small team of researchers in Garching, Bavaria. Over the years, the team grew, successfully refined the ADVOS procedure and won numerous awards in the process.


A laboratory prototype of the dialysis device is built.
Research begins in laboratories at the Garching research campus.

“HepaClean” funding programme – what was then known as the Hepa Wash procedure is established in cooperation with the Chair of Biochemistry and Medical Technology at the Technical University of Munich.

The Bavarian Research Foundation subsidises ADVITOS GmbH (formerly Hepa Wash GmbH) to the amount of 300,000 euros.

Hepa Wash takes 3rd place in the Science4Life Business Plan competition. Founders, private investors and the Bayern Kapital venture capital company invest a total of 300,000 euros in seed capital.


Founding of Hepa Wash GmbH by Dr Bernhard Kreymann.

Hepa Wash GmbH takes 3rd place in the Munich business plan competition.


The ethics board of the Rechts der Isar hospital grants approval to preclinical trials for acute liver failure.

A prototype of the dialysis device is developed for the preclinical trial.

Partners are found at the Rechts der Isar hospital in Munich to carry out the preclinical trials.

Research funds to the amount of 120,000 euros are authorised by the Bavarian ministry of economics as part of the BayTOU funding programme.

The effectiveness of what was then known as the Hepa Wash procedure is proved in vitro.


Hepa Wash is awarded 2nd place at the New Venture Competition by Harvard Business School, USA.

Start of in vitro testing of what was then known as the Hepa Wash procedure.


The Bavarian ministry of economics grants 770,000 euros to support development of the innovative liver dialysis procedure.

Start of development and construction of the human prototype.


The company moves to the Munich Technology Center (MTZ).

Hepa Wash and the Medical Clinic II for Gastroenterology at the Rechts der Isar hospital receive 425,000 euros from the Bavarian Research Foundation for the preclinical trial “Patal – pathogenesis and therapy of acute liver failure”.

In various different in vivo trial series, it is proved that what was then known as the Hepa Wash procedure lowers the mortality rate in cases of acute liver failure. It is possible to improve the most important organ functions.


The quality management system is certified by TÜV Süd in accordance with ISO 13485.

Hepa Wash GmbH is chosen as a “selected site” and award winner in the “365 locations in the Land of Ideas” competition.


Opening of the new laboratory and workshop space in the
Munich Technology Center (MTZ).

The TÜV Süd association certifies the human prototype in accordance with the Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42 EEC, granting it technical clearance.

The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) approves the first two clinical trials for approval of what was then known as the Hepa Wash procedure.

The ethics board of the Rechts der Isar hospital in Munich approves clinical testing of what was then known as the Hepa Wash procedure.

Hepa Wash reaches the final of the Eurecan European Venture Contest in Barcelona.

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs grants 125,000 euros to fund development of in-house production of treatment fluids as part of the “ZIM” central innovation programme for SMEs.


The dialysis equipment developed (LK2001) and the treatment concentrates are certified in accordance with the Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93/42 EEC Annex II.3, thus granting them market approval in Europe.

The company has 26 full-time employees covering all the business-relevant fields.


Expansion of in-house production of treatment concentrates.

Expansion of the production area and the warehouse at the Munich Technology Center (MTZ).


Hepa Wash celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

Selected exhibitor on the “Walk of Future” at the “Council on the Future of Bavarian Industry: what Bavaria needs tomorrow” event.

Participation in and company presentation at the HealthTech Growth Academy in Aarhus, Denmark.


Second place at the Venture Lounge LifeScience & MedTech in Munich for an excellent company presentation and convincing business plan.

Participation in the 2014 Innovation Days in Paris, ranked among the 15 finalists for the Innovation Prize.

Membership of Cluster Mechatronik & Automation e.V.

Participation in the HealthTech Summit in Lausanne, with a company presentation.

Second place in the “most innovative product” category at the 2014 senetics Innovation Award.

Publication of an article on the subject of “liver support therapies” in the textbook “Fachpflege Nephrologie und Dialyse” (specialist care in nephrology and dialysis).


Establishment of additional clinical centres.

Expansion of sales and marketing in Germany.

First international presence and approaches to clinics.

Cooperation with German Accelerator Life Sciences to prepare for expansion into the USA.


The ADVOS procedure is used in 10 German university hospitals.

The LK2001 multiple organ support device is renamed ADVOS multi.

Staff expands to 35 employees.


Hepa Wash GmbH becomes ADVITOS GmbH.

Support from EIT Digital, a committee of the European Union.

Funding from the EU’s “Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation” programme.

Awarded the Seal of Excellence for first-class innovation ideas.

Technology Fast 50 Award. Mit einer Wachstumsrate von 680 Prozent schafft es die Münchner Firma ADVITOS GmbH auf Platz 27 der Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award im Jahr 2019, Logo Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award

Staff expands to 55 employees.

Funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Named the most innovative medical technology company in Germany in 2021.

Named one of the 15 best social companies in Europe

Finalist in the Social Innovation Tournament (SIT)


Funding from the EIC Accelerator Project of the European Commission to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Initial treatment of COVID-19 patients with promising results.

First main prize at the Bavarian Innovation Prize

ADVITOS hat 2020 den 1. Hauptpreis des Innovationspreis Bayerns gewonnen, Logo Innovationspreis, Bayern

Participation in the Global Health Summit 2023 in Geneva.

First ADVOS users meeting with users from Germany and Austria.

Das Bild zeigt den ADVITOS CEO Claus Jessen bei der Eröffnung des Anwendertreffens.

ADVITOS welcomes new management – Dr Claus Jessen appointed director.

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