ADVOS Therapy

The ADVOS therapy improves the survival chances of intensive care patients by simultaneously supporting all three main detoxification organs (kidneys, liver and lungs), while at the same time managing pH levels in the blood by correcting the acid-base homeostasis and removing CO₂ – all in a single device.

The ADVOS Procedure: An Innovative Blood Purification Technology that Enables Complex Treatments in the Field of Multiple Organ Support

Simultaneous failure of multiple organs is one of the most difficult problems in critically ill patients. Despite significant progress in the treatment of multiple organ failure, the mortality rate remains high. Around 500,000 patients die each year in intensive care units in Western Europe and the USA due to multiple organ failure.

ADVOS Therapy – A Unique Procedure for Blood Purification

Although malfunctions of individual excretory organs (kidneys, liver and lungs) can be clearly delimited, the failure of one organ often affects other organs. Examples include cardiorenal, cardiopulmonary and hepatorenal syndromes. The severity of the pathology correlates directly to the number of failed organs.

There had previously not been any integrated therapy solution. Conventional extracorporeal procedures only support the function of one or two organs. Furthermore, using specific individual therapy systems at the same time is difficult to manage because the systems are independent of each other and do not communicate with one another.

The ADVOS therapy’s innovative approach, by contrast, is based on a multiple organ concept, simultaneously supporting all three main excretory organs (kidneys, liver and lungs), and it is unique in its acid/base equalisation.

The ADVOS multi – Targeted Multiple Organ Support

The ADVOS multi is the world’s only 4-in-1 device for simultaneous support of the kidneys, liver and lungs and for acid-base homeostasis. The haemodialysis device eliminates both water-soluble and protein-bound toxins from human blood.

Supporting the Main Excretory Organs with the ADVOS Procedure

The innovative ADVOS procedure is based on a multiple organ concept. It simultaneously supports all three main excretory organs and the procedure is unique in its acid-base equalisation.

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