Nature as a Model: Physiological Blood Purification
and Acidosis Treatment

ADVITOS GmbH regularly organises user workshops in the Munich MTZ. The workshops offer users from the medical and nursing fields the opportunity to deepen existing knowledge, clarify open questions and exchange ideas with other users.

A combination of theoretical lectures on the mode of operation and details of the procedure and interactive application-technical hand-ons ensures an effective learning result.

ADVOS- Workshop
Das Bild zeigt den Geschäftsführer Claus Jessen, der einen Vortrag bei einem ADVOS-Workshop hält.

Current programme

  • Multi-organ failure: Therapeutic options with the ADVOS procedure
  • Acidosis in focus
  • Practical training: organisation, set-up, implementation and therapy management
  • Interactive case discussions
  • From practice for practice: From the perspective of nursing staff and doctors
  • Error management – problem and then?
  • Machine and treatment parameters for optimal extracorporeal treatment
  • News from ADVITOS: Planned, initiated studies

ADVOS workshop dates 2024:

Workshop 4: 21 – 23 October 2024 **Attention: new date**
Workshop 5: 05 – 07 November 2024

Start: 1 pm on the first day // End: 1 pm on the third day

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    We also refer to our data protection information for events, which can be viewed here:

    Self-made recordings may only be made for purely private purposes and may not be made accessible to the general public. This does not apply to representatives of the media in the context of their journalistic work.

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