A Future-Oriented Reorganisation: New Drive for Medical Technology Innovation

Munich - ADVITOS GmbH appoints new CEO and reveals future plans for growth

ADVITOS GmbH is well-known for its breakthrough innovation in the medical technology on account of the unique and effective ADVOS procedure. After continuous advancements under the leadership of Assoc Prof Dr Bernhard Kreymann, the Munich-based company underwent organisational changes aiming future growth in mid-2022. On June 1, Dr Kreymann handed over his responsibility as CEO into the trusting hands of Dr Claus Jessen. Jessen’s focus will lie on the successful commercialisation of the multi-organ support therapy, while founder and developer Kreymann will remain with ADVITOS GmbH as a medical and scientific expert.

Competences used in a targeted manner 

ADVITOS GmbH appoints Dr Claus Jessen as CEO of the company effective of June 1, 2022. Dr Jessen, previously acting as Head of R&D since 2021, had been involved in the work of ADVITOS GmbH since its foundation back in 2005 as an external contributor in various functions.

Dr Claus Jessen, new CEO of ADVITOS

Today ADVITOS GmbH is evolving from a start-up to an internationally oriented medical device company. The future activities will focus on further developing the ADVOS system, increasing sales in the DACH region, strengthening the medical evidence in additional patient populations, and preparing for internationalisation.

Dr Kreymann laid the foundation of the current ADVITOS GmbH and the unique ADVOS procedure, at first on his own initiative, through tireless commitment, a high level of expertise and a keen pioneering spirit. His fundamental contribution and medical talent are highly appreciated by the entire team as well as by his CEO successor Dr Jessen and shall continue to shape the company’s path. While Dr Jessen brings 20 years of management experience in medical technology and industrial automation to the further advancement of ADVITOS GmbH, Kreymann will remain involved in the company’s activities as a scientific and medical expert as well as a member of the Advisory Board.

Economically and scientifically on the same page

Dr Kreymann will focus his core competences in the medical and scientific field on the further optimisation of the ADVOS therapy, for which Jessen now provides the necessary backing. “I look forward to leading the unique and effective therapy, that Bernhard Kreymann invented, into the market success it deserves. Together with the entire ADVITOS team, we will focus on expanding the indications of the therapy and accelerate its distribution with initial focus on the German-speaking markets,” says Dr Claus Jessen regarding his new responsibility.

The Chairman of ADVITOS’ Advisory Board, Mr Mathias Klingler, says: “On the company side, it was always clear that Dr Kreymann should remain an integral part of ADVITOS in the future. We are, therefore, very glad to have him on board as a scientific and medical expert as well as a member of the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is very grateful to Dr Kreymann for all his dedicated work throughout the years that has significantly shaped the company’s advancement to date. We can also embark on this new chapter in the company’s history in the certainty that we can always rely on the know-how, ingenuity and technical expertise of our founder.”

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