Personnel Boost in Effective Multi-Organ Support

Munich – ADVITOS grows by new competences and capacities in three positions

ADVITOS enjoys a well-earned reputation in the field of medical technology on the back of its self-developed ADVOS procedure – the 4-in-1 organ support for the treatment of multi-organ failure. The special properties along with the USPs of the ADVanced Organ Support (ADVOS) have been well received by its users in the medical community. The Munich-based scale-up has particularly enjoyed a healthy growth coupled with regular personnel acquisitions within the last decade. At the transition of 2021/2022, the team of experts in the field of multi-organ support is expanding once again. With three new additions in the medical management and sales and product management, ADVITOS continues on its path to further growth.

Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Tobias Bingold has already taken up his position as Medical Director at ADVITOS in December 2021. At the beginning of 2022, the new Sales Director for the DACH region, Michael Spindeldreher, and the Product Manager, Thomas Lange, have also stepped into their roles. As of January 2022, the interdisciplinary team now comprises around 60 international specialists.

Medical Director – Important Interface and Organization of Clinical Studies

The position of the Medical Director is staffed by Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Tobias Bingold with his long-standing clinical experience, sound technical expertise and versatile competencies. The future development of ADVITOS finds invaluable assets with this key role and the expertise of Bingold.

As Medical Director, Bingold forms a crucial interface between ADVITOS and the physicians in the hospitals. The focus of his activities lies on the planning and coordination of clinical studies. With Bingold, ADVITOS has gained more than 30 years of practical experience and solution-oriented expertise.

Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Tobias Bingold, Medical Director ADVITOS GmbH

Tobias Bingold brings Clinical Experience and Subject Matter Expertise to the Table

As a link between the company and the hospitals and physicians, Bingold is likely to benefit from various stations in his career. As Managing Senior Physician for Intensive Care Medicine at Frankfurt University Hospital and as Clinic Director of the Clinic for Interdisciplinary Intensive Care Medicine and Intermediate Care at Helios Kliniken Wiesbaden (HSK) alone, Bingold can look back on more than ten years of experience in the medical management.

The professional proximity to the core competence of ADVITOS, as well as to the field of application of the ADVOS procedure has also been provided. In addition to his various roles in anesthesiology, intensive care medicine and pain therapy, Bingold’s range of qualifications also includes a focus on infectious diseases. His multifaceted commitment is also reflected in his contribution to various medical publications, and in his membership in medical specialty societies.

New Director in DACH Sales

In the beginning of January, Michael Spindeldreher has also joined ADVITOS as Sales Director DACH. Spindeldreher takes up the sales activities entrusted to him in Germany, Austria and Switzerland not only with great experience and profound knowledge, but also out of genuine conviction and enthusiasm for the ADVOS therapy.

Spindeldreher brings more than 15 years of professional experience to his new sales role, including former positions in customer service management, product management and international sales. His most recent role was that of Director of Sales at The Surgical Company since 2017. Here he succeeded to build a field sales team, and help the company become a market leader. Spindeldreher had already been eyeing the ADVITOS developmental endeavours with interest since 2019. He is convinced of the trend-setting idea, the innovative power, and effectiveness of the ADVOS therapy, and would like to actively contribute to its commercialization using his expertise from now on.

Michael Spindeldreher, Sales Director DACH ADVITOS GmbH

Additional personnel also in sales, marketing, and product positioning

The position of the new product manager has been filled by Thomas Lange since the beginning of January. With almost 30 years of practical experience and distinct competence in the field of medical technology, Lange’s ambition is to significantly expand the market share of the ADVOS therapy. Core competencies in sales and product management make Lange the ideal candidate for his position at ADVITOS, where he will be responsible for market-specific sales strategies, product-specific marketing plans and product positioning, amongst other things.

Thomas Lange, Product Manager ADVITOS GmbH

This latest staff expansion by three established experts is a further sign of the determined course of ambition-fueled growth of ADVITOS. In 2022 and in the subsequent future, the company is looking forward to decisive developments in the market for medical products, which it intends to meet with motivation and drive, with expanded capacities and a high level of confidence. Tobias Bingold, Michael Spindeldreher, and Thomas Lange are convinced of the potential and effectiveness of the ADVOS therapy. As specialists experienced in medical technology, they are looking forward to making a sustainable contribution to its development and establishment.

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