First Successful ADVOS User Conference

Munich – ADVOS user conference at Schloss Hohenkammer brings together medical professionals from numerous clinics for the first time to share information about the innovative ADVOS therapy.

In our exciting world of medical technology, an important user meeting took place in May. The event aimed to inform medical professionals about the latest innovations of the ADVOS multi. In the stylish setting of Schloss Hohenkammer, the event attracted almost 50 participants from 15 German and 3 Austrian hospitals.

Renowned experts from various fields presented their expert lectures on the topics of human albumin and the elimination of antibiotics as well as lectures focusing on cardiac surgery, liver and metabolic and respiratory acidosis. In addition, instructive case reports from the various hospitals were presented, a highlight for many.

The user meeting provided a unique opportunity for the medical and nursing staff to expand their knowledge of the technological developments of the ADVOS multi. The participants had the opportunity to get in touch directly with the development team to ask their questions about the ADVOS multi and give their feedback.

The event offered participants not only a wealth of information but also the opportunity to expand their network and exchange ideas with colleagues from other clinics. The interdisciplinary exchange fostered new collaborations and partnerships that could ultimately contribute to improving medical practice and patient outcomes.

Exciting panel discussions with renowned key opinion leaders presented various therapeutic approaches that enable doctors and nurses to work more efficiently while improving the quality of care.

Overall, the first ADVOS user conference was a great success. It provided a platform for doctors and nurses to learn about, evaluate and discuss the latest developments in ADVOS multi. The event showed that close cooperation between medical professionals and medical device manufacturers is essential to drive progress in patient care.

We are already looking forward to next year’s ADVOS user conference. Will you be there?

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